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Strategic HR is about getting the best business results, by ensuring your people are motivated to perform. People and data go hand in hand. You wouldn’t make gut decisions about market expansion, so why are you hiring with them?

Our team takes the guesswork out of hiring & motivating your people. We build recruiting pipelines, vet candidates, and make sure you have the right folks doing the right jobs.

percent productivity increase when an employee has a work best friend
percent of employees are disengaged
percent of interview time is spent confirming the impression made in the first 10 seconds
percent of people quit because of their direct supervisor

We talk about numbers because as a leader, you should be a little scared.

Let’s run through those stats.

First, you see a 12% boost in productivity when an employee has a work best friend. That number reached as high as a 20% increase in productivity in this study, which can have a huge impact on how efficient and effective you are at reaching your business goals. Imagine if all your employees accomplished 20% more every day!

Plus 75% of the people who have a best friend at work planned to be with the company for at least another year.

That’s huge because 51% of the U.S. workforce is not engaged.

And those stats really only matter if you have the right people in their jobs in the first place. Judgements made in the first 10 seconds of an interview can predict the outcome of an interview. But those judgements are useless.

In other words, most interviews are a waste of time, because 99.4% of the time is spent trying to confirm whatever impression the interviewer formed when the candidate walked into the room.

Unstructured interviews can explain only 14% of an employee’s performance. This is somewhat ahead of reference checks (explaining 7% of performance), and number of years of work experience (only 3%).

The numbers are scary, but they actually represent an opportunity. You have the chance to create an amazing environment for your people, while their productivity and loyalty to your business increases. Their happiness gives you a competitive advantage. If we meet these challenges head-on, it’s truly win-win.

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I’ve helped grow companies from teams of 4 in coffee shops to multi-million dollar businesses. I’ve fixed culture problems, hired employees out from under Google, and learned a lot in the process.

I believe in a lot of things, but the most important is that together, we can make a plan to fix just about any people problem.

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