Meet Hare Hires.

Our Mission Statement.

We’re changing the way that technical recruitment is done across the industry, by creating a more human recruiting experience for all.

Our Company Values.


As straightforward as we can be–we’re confident in what we do and don’t need to pretend to be anything else! Honesty and trustworthiness is at the core of everything that we do and believe, and it’s at the heart of what makes us stand out from the pack when it comes to technical recruitment.


say all the things!

We like to take the approach of being completely open with the people that we work with. We share our pipelines with our clients and provide insight into all of our day-to-day recruitment activities, so that you’re always up-to-date!

With candidates, we want to focus on making sure that the next opportunity is going to be the right fit for them. We give them as much information as we can and answer as many of their questions as possible! It helps that a lot of us have technical backgrounds and experience working with talent in tech; we like to think that we really do speak our candidates’ language!

Treat people like human beings

The reason that we believe so strongly that we’re changing the way that technical recruitment is done, is because we treat people like human beings and it really makes all the difference. We never use templated messages, and it’s why our candidates want to talk to us, and get to know us. It’s because we really want to get to know them too!

That’s how we make sure that everyone wins–finding the right fit for their growing teams, and finding the right next venture in their careers!

Be Strategic

Quality over Quantity

We believe in taking a calculated approach to searching for and approaching candidates about opportunities. We’re different in that we target the best candidates and send highly curated and insightful messages that are just hard to ignore! That’s why our response rates are so high (>50% for InMails, and ~100% for cold emails).

Meet the Team.


Krista Hare.

As an engineer–from a family of engineers–I’ve always had the desire to analyze problems and test solutions. It wasn’t until I started leading a team that I realized the same approach could be taken with people management.

Now, I’ve helped grow all kinds of companies, from small teams working out of coffee shops to multi-million dollar businesses. I truly believe that together, we can make plans to fix just about any problem.

My team is here to help, let’s get started!


Halle Wooley.

Being a current Bachelor of Commerce student has given me the opportunity to take what I learn in the classroom, and apply it to the functions of Hare Hires. I love taking a problem, coming up with a creative solution, and implementing an effective strategy.

Talk to me about what you can get out of working with Hare Hires!


Tau Hussain.

Being an engineering graduate with experience in a wide range of industries, I’ve come to love working with people and understanding & translating their needs. I love to solve problems, advocate for others and get people the things they need and deserve.

Right now, I get to have fun applying my problem solving and people skills in order to find solutions for those looking for top talent in tech, and those looking to take next step forward in their career.

I’m here to help, let’s get started!


Cori Avram.

Over 9 years of working experience in fields like IT Recruitment, Sales and Customer Relationship, areas that gave me the opportunity to better understand people’s needs and to provide a solution for them.

I’ve found that one of the best ways to help people, is to offer them the chance to be in the place they want, doing what they love. I like to think about myself as an enabler and advocate for others, not just a recruiter!


Breanna Swanson.

My passion is building communities, whether they are neighbourhood or work based. I am a neighbourhood leader and school advocate, and I naturally I love connecting with people. Being a part of a family of engineers, I’m very excited for the opportunity to get to connect with the tech community here in KW, through my role at Hare Hires!