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After years of working in HR and being a recruiter, I’ve met a lot of people searching for new career paths, or dreaming about jobs they just can’t seem to get. I’ve given advice to everyone: students, new grads, and industry professionals! It’s never too early OR too late to get career advice.

If you’re trying to apply for a job, you likely only have the “candidate perspective”. But with my years of experience in the industry, I can offer you advice from the other side of the equation!

You need a strategy! Because it’s not about changing who you are, it’s about finding a way to show the best version of yourself!


Includes: 1 Online Consultation + 1 Hour (approx.) Meeting

Original resume feedback

Fill out a standard resume outline

Resume edited to a final copy

What you get: A resume that you’re proud of, and that’s aimed towards the job you’ve been wanting!


Includes: 2 Hour (approx.) Meeting

Determine what you want to do and where the right job for you is

Write a cover letter

Find your “IN” for applying

What you get: A plan in place for starting a career in the direction you want it to go!


Includes: 1.5 Hour (approx.) Meeting + 45 Minute (approx.) Mock Interview

Walk through a typical process, including salary expectations and negotiation

Create a strategy for answering questions that present the best version of yourself

Practice Questions + Mock Interview

What you get: A thorough strategy to communicate effectively, and present the best version of yourself at any interview!

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